Franken loses votes

Franken recently garnered about 37 votes from the Maplewood precinct, closing the gap between him and Norm Coleman. However, Minneapolis had a little something else to say about the lead.

Minneapolis discovery costs Franken 36 votes

What Maplewood giveth, Minneapolis taketh away.

Elections officials in Minnesota's largest city today discovered that one precinct came up 133 ballots short of election day totals, resulting in a net loss for Democratic challenger Al Franken of 36 votes.

The development wipes away what had been a boon for Franken in his bid to overtake Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, after Ramsey County officials found an additional 37 votes for Franken from a Maplewood precinct on Tuesday. What Maplewood giveth, Minneapolis taketh away. read more...
Coleman's very slim margin of victory is now growing. Interesting that out of 2.9 million people who voted, this contest has come down to less than 300 votes. Franken has had to start drinking more, I know I would.

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