The Pelosi Prerogative

Obama's strange retreat to the left-of-center and moderate cabinet appointments, has caused some speculation on the Left that he will not govern as a pure Progressive. Many, with a California agenda in mind for the rest of the country, do not seem to thrilled with this prospect.

In an interview with The, former Democratic Sen. Richard Bryan (Nev.)said, “Because the Democratic caucus is itself diverse, reflecting many different points of view, it will be a challenge for the leadership to keep that coalition of interests together on the priorities established.”

In no uncertain terms, have either Nancy Pelsoi or Harry Reid given any indication that they will relinquish control of their fiefdoms to a central authority like the White House. In fact it is quite to the contrary.

Reid has stated, according to The, that Biden will not be welcomed to the weekly Democratic Senate luncheons, except on a few occasions. A stark contrast to their Republican counterparts who had an open door policy with VP Cheney.

According to, Pelosi has already made it clear to Emanuel that there will be no back door dealings with individual Democratic members of the House and all attempts at contact will be made through her. She has even gone as far as to demand the she has knowledge of contact between Emanuel's staff and the Senate.

Pelosi, unlike Reid, actually may have the clout to be dictatorial with the Obama administration. The Democratic caucus from California has 34 members, the largest from any other state. There are many key Obama administration positions also held by California natives. And Rep. Henry Waxman is serving as the White House liaison to Congress. This makes the California delegation fairly powerful and influential throughout Congress and the White House.

There are other problems facing the Obama administrationas well. Even in the past, when Democrats controlled Congress, there was never this amount of segregation within the party. Right now you have; the Hispanic caucus, the Black caucus, the progressive caucus, the Blue Dog Coalition and the New Democrat Coalition.

Obama might look forward to dealing with such problems as India and Pakistan, Israel and Hamas, and Russia. These situations might prove far easier to tame than Pelosi and the rest of the Democratically controlled Congress. Who knows, Republicans might end up being the best friends Obama has ever had.

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