Acorn: The Poison Nut of the 2008' Election


ACORN being the poison little nut it is is just a matter of fact. It is understood like we need air to breath or water to drink. Most of us accept it, unless you are a creepy, little, apologist, Leftie dumbass. Recently light has been shed on how rampant their corruption is, you can say it is comparable to the ass clowns on Wall Street. I have wondered is there anyone keeping an eye on the watchdog (ACORN). Wouldn't you know there is, they are the
Consumer Rights League.

Here is some interesting information they have compiled on ACORN which James Terry, Chief Public Advocate for the Consumers Rights League, presented to the House Administration and House Judiciary Committee on September 23, 2008.

First allegation against ACORN.
Their practice of juggling funds and blame between entities has often created good deal of confusion as to which crimes are allegedly committed by ACORN and which activities are those of subsidiaries such as the "non-partisan" 501(c)(3) Project Vote. But, it should be noted at the outset of this discussion that evidence indicates that the non-profit organization known as Project Vote and the political operative organization known as Citizens Services Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of the ACORN web of organizations. There should be no distinction between crimes or alleged crimes perpetrated by personnel from Project Vote and those from ACORN.
Moving on, and not in .org fashion, Terry gave the Congressional bubba's this,
2008 Has Been A Banner Year For Bogus Registrations. In 2008 alone, ACORN’s activities have prompted calls for investigations in nearly a dozen states: Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina, with new investigations developing regularly.
Notice the states, quite a few of them are presently or were battle ground states, cred to Hugh Hewitt for pointing that out on Fox & Friends. Here is the list state by state and the allegations, investigations, or covictions from each one. Yeah I know it is lengthy but I suggest reading it.
  • In June, the New York Times reported that Louisiana “Election officials have expressed concern that large numbers of people who believe they are registered will show up at the polls in November, only to find that they cannot vote because their application had been improperly submitted.” An ACORN spokesman said that it’s typical for 30 percent of their cards to be duplicates or incomplete.
  • In July, Pennsylvania officials charged a former ACORN employee with 19 counts of perjury, making false statements, forgery and identity theft in connection with the voter registration forms in connection with more than 100 suspect cards.
  • In August, the Connecticut Post reported that state officials began asking for an investigation into ACORN's registration activities, in which there were errors in 20 percent of the thousands of registration forms the group turned in.
  • In August, ACORN was forced to announce that it would begin running background checks on its signature gatherers in New Mexico after it was learned that nine employees had felony criminal records16 ranging from forgery to identity theft to child rape.
  • Texas-The Houston Chronicle reported on August 17 that "About 40 percent of the 27,000 registration cards gathered by ACORN from January through July have been rejected or placed in limbo pending the gathering of more information, according to the county" while "about 6,600 were filled out by people already registered, and many others contained insufficient information."
  • Nevada and federal officials announced in August that they would form a task force to aggressively pursue allegations of election fraud, with the Las Vegas Review-Journal specifically noting "Clark County officials have said they suspect fraud is occurring in the thousands of voter registrations being submitted by" ACORN.
  • In Ohio, ACORN's continuing pattern of voter registration fraud apparently includes the 73 registration cards turned in this year for just one individual. WKYC has reported: "ACORN has already submitted more than 75,000 voter registration cards this year in Cuyahoga County. And now employees at the Board of Elections are triple checking every one."
  • The citizens of Wisconsin are among the greatest victims of ACORN's fraud in 2008. There ACORN allegedly offered to bribe citizens with pre-paid gasoline cards or restaurant gift cards to induce them to register. Further voter registration problems include apparently falsified drivers license numbers, Social Security numbers, and similar personal information. By the end of August, Milwaukee's Election Commission Executive Director had referred over 49 individuals to prosecutors for suspected voter registration fraud — of them, 37 were ACORN employees.
  • In Michigan, elections officials across the state have been noticing a high volume of problems associated with ACORN's work. A Secretary of State spokesperson recently said "There appears to be a sizable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications ... And it appears to be widespread." In Pontiac, the clerk's office has found numerous applications filed for a given name. In Oak Park, the clerk has been seeing "lots of duplication" from ACORN in recent months.
  • Even in the course of preparing this testimony, officials in yet another state announced an investigation into potentially fraudulent activity. Durham County, North Carolina’s elections officials have asked for an investigation of dozens of cards submitted by ACORN. One was for a fourteen-year-old boy.
Terry finished off with this,
ACORN routinely says it will clean up its act. Yet, given its decade-long history of voter fraud, embezzlement, and misuses of taxpayer funds, ACORN’s pattern of fraud can no longer be dismissed as a series of "unfortunate events."
The plain simple question still exists how much of an effect have they had or will they have in this Presidential election. Without a way to quantify the number of fraudulent votes that they have gotten through so far, we will probably never know. Just the fact that you can ask the question legitimately is disgusting. But you want to talk about voter disenfranchisement in 2000, well here is is in 2008, coming from the side who said they wanted to protect everyone's voting rights. Guess that meant dead people, felons, and little kids too.


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