Hallmark of an Obama Presidency: Death of the First Amendment


Well this debate has all but lauded the death of the McCain campaign run for 08' barring any strange inexplicable miracle that has haunted or saved John McCain all of his life. But it is also the death knell of something else in this country, the First Amendment.

An Obama candidacy has given us a look into the future of what and Obama Presidency will look like. We have "Obama Truth Squads" in Missouri with prosecutory powers and we have threats of legal action against private citizens expressing their views (AIP). Truly amazing times we live in if you are a socialist boob determined on silencing the masses.

The question is how will they do it? This is not going to be some jack booted over throw of the Constitution. There will not be brown shirted Obama supporters on ever street corner looking to send you to a re-education camp. No, it will be done through legislation. Watch for the return of the Fairness Doctrine to Congress. Then it will go from there.

America is speaking, this is what you want, this is what you get. You are scared of economic turmoil? You haven't seen nothin' yet. You want to run your suck whenever you please? Better get it in, it may take a few years, but you will have to offer another opinion as well as yours or shut up your trap. It's been a real nice run, America, but you have let fear get the better of you.


"Hunting Happily!"



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