The DieBate: Obituary for Senator Joe Biden


Here at PCT we are sad to report that Senator Joe Biden received mortal wounds from a Sarahcuda attack. An infamous gaffemeister and long winded blowhard, the Senator from the great state of Delaware will be sorely missed. But, news reports are that the Sarahcuda wasn't very satisfied with her appetizer and now is looking for the entree dish better known as Obamination.

Okay that was for CT, since it looks like his conspiracy theory may have had an inkling of truth to it. If he was right it isn't because he is so sm-u-rt, it is because he is paranoid and we know that only paranoid people can figure stuff like this out, lol. But, he was sweating it especially after posting about it. Maybe ole' Sun Tsu reached out across the ethereal planes and gave him a little Zen about the debate outcome. Good call CT, you dah man on this one.

Let's look at some of the comments fro No Quarter and PoliPundit, both of which were running open threads. I am taking the posters names off.


19. FINALLY!! It took Sarah to get after the Dems about the Freddie Fan debacle.

Comment by 10/2/2008 - 9:07 pm

37. Yessssssssssssssssssssssss

Talk straight to the American people!!!!

Comment by 10/2/2008 - 9:15 pm

60. Sarah just SLAUGHTERED Biden on the tax and economy. This is going well.

Comment by 10/2/2008 - 9:21 pm

199. What is it with Biden tugging at his collar. He looks very uncomfortable. The rollercoaster smile comes with a Morse code - is that - I believe he’s telegraphing S O S.

Comment by Email Homepage 10/2/2008 - 9:57 pm

NoQuarter, interesting note they had to shut down their commentary I am assuming because there was to much traffic about Sarahcuda.

Comment by 2008-10-02 20:16:26

I like how Palin just said:

“I might now answer the questions how you (Biden) or how the moderator wants me to answer them, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people”

I swear, I can see the contempt on Ifill’s face.

OmegaPundit interruption: If McCain's campaign is saved by one defining moment it was this comment. My predicition, this was her Ronald Reagan moment, again, if it pans out.

Comment by 2008-10-02 20:18:17

ooh, she just got him on the paying taxes is patriotic remark…haha

Comment by 2008-10-02 20:20:52

Go Sarah! She is doing awesome. Call the Commie out, baby… (fairness my a** - why work your butt off so that the welfare cases can benefit???)


Whew!! That was a lot of copying and pasting. Well here is what Drudge had on his poll results.



22% 9,842

76% 34,323

2% 897

Total Votes: 45,062

I think we can say Sarahcuda-1 Plugs-0! Way to go Sarah, you did good, ma'am!


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