Another Obama Conspiracy? This is Getting Weird


This is just weird. According to this article from news, via Bride of Rove, Jerome Corsi, author of the Obama Nation, is being detained in, of all places, Kenya. Yah, the country that Obamination has in his back pocket. The book was a piece written by Corsi delving into Obama's shady past. Now, we here at PCT recognize something really strange is going on with Obama's past. But we make an attempt not to make it so cryptic. With that said, I personally feel what he is hiding his true political philosophies (cough...socialism...cough). But issues like this do raise flags and you don't have to be a genius to know somethin' ain't right.

Obama does have a lot of shadows creeping around him. I am not going to even bring up Wright, Rezko, Phlagers, or Ayers. Just look at his history of attacking the First Amendments Rights of private citizens. We ran a piece on it here, Obama Thuggery, Trying to Shut Down the AIP's Ad . Whether you are Right or Left this is blatant and he did to the Edwards camp as well as Hillary during the primaries.

Partnering that up with this little strange occurrence, it does not look good at all. Whatever your take on Obama is at some point undecided people and even people who support him are going to have to make a judgement whether this is just the wrong perception based on coincidence or is there really something more conspiratorial at work.


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