Nancy Pelosi, The Making of an of the House


Recently, I have been considering a post on the list of incompetent actions that Nancy Pelosi has undertaken since beginning her tenure as Speaker of the House. My inspiration was her exquisite example of non-leadership on the House floor recently. But J.R. Dunn at the American Thinker beat me to it, sort of. He wrote a really good article, Nancy Pelosi: The worst Speaker in History, which compares former Speaker of the House (1890's era), Thomas Reed, to Nancy Pelosi, a drastic difference indeed. It was a look at puissant and bodacious leader, Reed, versus a yammering, inept, irrational, obtuse, imbecile, Pelosi. But the comparison of Madumb Screecher and Thomas Reed is another story. My personal little diatribe is all for the Progressive tip of the spear, Mrs. Pelosi and no one else.

With all of her San Francisco aristocratic gentry, Pelosi has shown no qualities that define leadership. She gives us nothing but divisive rhetoric during a time of economic crisis, inane ramblings on the House floor, presided over a Congress that was allowed to slip in 11,000 earmarks (So much for running a transparent and ethical Congress.), cronyism by backing her friend Murtha for House Majority Leader, (Coincidentally, Murtha, village-idiot-at-large, was the worst abuser of earmarks for 2007), suggesting that we pay for SCHIP by raising taxes on cigarettes $.61 a pack(Huh?), let's not forget Alcee Hastings, and "I am trying to save the planet;I am trying to save the planet!"There is much more but this server does not have the bandwidth to support such a long post.

But the question still remains how, under her and Reid's leadership, did they take an abysmal Republican controlled Congress and make it worse? I did not think it was possible. They are nothing more than monkeys flinging $H1T at each other. Further proof that elitist minded intelligent specific boobs, on either side of the aisle, should not be allowed to obtain positions of power. I would love them to be relegated to the halls of academia, book signings, and cocktail parties. Impressing indelible youngsters with their arrogant critiques of the rest of the world is about all they are good for.


"Happy Hunting!"

PS America keep in mind on election day, you are not just voting for Obama, you are voting for the three pronged triumvirate of stupidity. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. GW ain't got nothin' on these folks!



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