The Vetting of Joe the Plumber?


Looks like a lonely plumber started a little bit of a firestorm with Camp Obama and the media. Why does he need to be “vetted?” Am I missing something in all of this, is he running for political office, is he being considered for the Supreme Court, or a high ranking cabinet position in a McCain administration? This person asked a question to a candidate trying to be an informed voter. He is the one who needs to be doing the vetting and that is exactly what Joe did.

But you see in the world of the Obamitrons to question the collective will get you destroyed. You will be made repentant at the altar by the high priests of the media in this new order of things.

The AP just put out an article: Is 'Joe the Plumber' a plumber? That's debatable.
HOLLAND, Ohio – Joe the Plumber's story sprang a few leaks Thursday. Turns out that the man who was held up by John McCain as the typical, hard-working American taxpayer isn't really a licensed plumber. And court documents show he owes nearly $1,200 in back taxes.
Okay and I owed a small amount of back taxes when I was younger, I have a less than perfect credit history, I got non-judicial punishment in the military once, I worked as land surveyor but was never licensed. So what, because of all this I cannot ask a question? I had better keep my mouth shut or all my dirty laundry will be aired across the Internet and television? This is the future that we can expect under an Obama administration, one where he will let the media do his dirty work for him. Humiliation can be a wonderful disciplinary tool, it is great for keeping people who are conforming to polite society in check. But it only works for so long before people start not caring.

But the next question is who is vetting the media? Who is fact checking the fact checkers? What do they have to hide? I see no checks and balances in place for the media, nothing to offset their incredulous and corrupt world. It is demanded of candidates and now demanded of you and I, so why not them? However, if you try it, there will be righteous indignation and cries about freedom of the press.

This pack of buzzards we call the media has not one ounce of integrity or decency. They are left wing zealots who have no problem taking on the mission of destroying a private citizen because he questioned their messiah. What world do these people live in? Do they have a grasp on reality or are they all mentally ill? I am truthfully questioning their sanity in even bothering to report that this man has no plumbing license and owes some back taxes. Why are they frightened?

Wurzelbacher, to anyone who still has a mind left, did nothing wrong, his question does not correspond to the script, that was his sin. He made an inquiry about Obama’s plan that caused him to flub and that revealed his true nature. In the far left liberal ethos there is no room for this, it is the biggest roadblock for egalitarianism. This why Joe has to be vetted, because he is obviously not a good little Progressive robot. Here is a new idea, let's vet Obama, does he have something in his past we should be concerned about?

Good luck Joe, I wish I could do more for you.


"Happy Hunting!"



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