The Message John McCain is Missing


To put it very simply, John McCain is being about as articulate as George Bush. What he is saying and what he should be saying are two different things. Simply raising questions about Obama's controversial relationships is Sarah Palin's job. All I have seen him do is reiterate what Palin has been stumping, that is not good enough. Explaining why these ties matter to the economy, the government, and leadership is John McCain's job.

This strategy is as easy 2+2=4, Obama has questionable ties to Rezko who helped fund his campaign, Reverend Wright was his spiritual guide for 20 years and is a known leader in the Black Liberation Theology movement, Ayers and Obama worked together on several educational projects in the Annenberg Challenge, and he has fairly strong ties to ACORN. Wow, you can't make this work and you might as well cast a vote for your opponent.

All of this amounts to one of three things; 1) Obama is a naive simpleton who picks his associations with all the candor of a 13 year old trying to hang around the cool kids. 2) He is pathologically ambitious and is willing to sell face time to the highest bidder to get what he wants. That means he does not give a spit about you or me. 3) He is in bed with these goons and is hiding his true political and cultural beliefs because he knows the American public would view them as "extreme."

Anyone of these examples shows a lack of character, judgment, and competence. This is the "albatross" he needs to hang around Obama's neck. He does not need to explain them one damn bit or make the accusations, as I said before, that is Palin's job on the stump. He needs to tie them to Obama's judgment concerning today's problems and crises. A poignant question should be asked, "With the financial crisis, Iraq, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China, how can you expect a man, who does not have the judgment to be able to choose his friends and associates properly, be capable of tackling any of these situations. Let alone all of them at once and lead America out of it?"

Then you make the sale for yourself, stick to your Senate record, the good, the bad, and the ugly. After that, hit Obama on the 1,000 days in the Senate, no executive experience, (Sorry Lefties, community organizing and running a campaign does not make you fit for the Presidency.)and nothing but a Law degree to wave in the face of adversity. Again, this can go back to the judgment and competency issues.

Let's get real here, I am no pundit, I am a guy who writes an opinion on a blog. But this very opinion I have is based on my being a voter as well. This is what I want from a candidate who wants my vote, the reason why the other guy isn't worth it, John McCain is not making that sale. Unfortunately it might be too late to make the necessary changes in order for McCain to turn the election around . But, as I have said before, McCain has had strange miracles happen in his life that allow him to win. Maybe he will get one before November 4th.


"Happily Hunting!"



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