In the News: October 2nd-3rd, 2008


Today's headlines are brought to you by Drudge Report , The News Media Journal, & The Politico. These are some of the headlines from October 2nd, enjoy. More coming up once we time travel to the 3rd.

Wachovia faced a ‘silent' bank run
Rick Rothacker and Kerry Hall, Charlotte Observer-On Friday, with its stock plunging 27 percent, Wachovia experienced a “silent run” on deposits, but the bigger worry for regulators was that other banks wouldn't provide the Charlotte bank with necessary short-term funding when it opened for business Monday, sources familiar with the situation told the Observer.

With Wachovia already looking for a merger partner, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., in consultation with other regulators, required the bank to reach a sale to Citigroup on Monday morning.
This is why I am for private interests buying out the weaker of the herd. Understandably, there has to be a certain degree of government intervention, but not to the socialistic degree that the Congress and President have pushed. Although many have claimed this is the end of capitalism, I am not going to join the ranks of knee jerk reactionaries. It is way to early in the game to be crying that this is the death of free market capitalism, but it is definitely on life support.

Aides Promise an Aggressive Palin in Debate

Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post-< GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin plans to launch aggressive attacks against her Democratic opponent Joe Biden tonight, her campaign aides said, in order to remind voters of why she became popular in her home state of Alaska. "Governor Palin is eager for the opportunity to contrast her record of reform to the hollow rhetoric of a politician who has spent the bulk of his adult life inside the confines of Washington, DC," said Palin spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt. "Tonight will address a critical question; which is more relevant to the office of the vice-presidency -- real-life results or Washington double-speak?" Read more...
Well only a few hours away, I am saying no more on the topic other than it should be very interesting either way. This will either sink the McCain campaign or give them more than a fighting chance for the White House. I would not want to be Sarah Palin right now.


Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden

Mike Allen, The Politico-ST. LOUIS — Sarah Palin plans to go on the attack in tonight’s debate, hitting Joe Biden for what she will call his foreign policy blunders and penchant for adopting liberal positions on taxes and other issues, according to campaign officials involved in prepping her for tonight’s showdown.

The Palin camp is projecting surprising self-confidence in the pre-debate hours, despite the vice presidential nominee’s uneven — and, at some points, peculiar — performances in recent television interviews, the officials say. Top advisers to John McCain privately say Palin’s recent CBS interview was a borderline disaster, especially since it played out in several segments over several days. Tonight will be different, they say. Read more...

If she is going to win keeping Joe Biden on the defense is the best tactic. It would fluster him and make him prone to his most notable feature, gaffing. But,I don't expect a blow out either way.


Check back for updated information on the debate. Good luck to Sarah Palin and Joe Biden both. Give us a good one!


"Happy Hunting!"



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