Sarah Palin, Unlikely Conservative Standard Bearer


Well, for me the election is in the tank. We are going to be facing an Obama Presidency. This is my prediction and I am sticking to it until the results are in on November 4th or 5th. But I am smiling from ear to ear because of it. McCain may have made some big mistakes and done some strange maneuvers but the one that made the most sense was the one that people called his most reckless. That was bringing Sarah Palin on to the national scene. She is seemingly inexperienced, naive, and almost proud of her ignorance. But the people who have judged her in these categories are making a very grave strategic error.

Sarah Palin is opportunistic, ambitious, and a very quick study. She successfully turned around her image on the national stage from a blithering idiot to a folksy hero of the common man and woman. She was smart enough to know she was in over her head and relied on her strengths to keep her in the game and beat Joe Biden. I say she won because she made the connection to the voters and Biden lied, fourteen times at least and I venture to say the number is still growing.

Palin is the Conservative version of Hillary Clinton, except her pathological ambition is shrouded is smarmy and motherly Americana. While she is jabbing a knife in your back she is feeding you apple pie and giving you a hug. Just ask the Republicans she turned on in Alaska.

Unfortunately for the Left the door for Sarah Palin has just slammed opened. Despite her ambition or whether she wanted it or not, she is now the standard bearer for the new and rising stars in the Conservative movement. Their ranks are thin but growing as the Reagan teens and twenty somethings ascend to power. They need a leader who is from their generation, but someone who has been chewed up and spit out by the Limousine Liberal sect. This election cycle is Palin's Hanoi Hilton and she will make it through.

In the next few years it will be Senator Palin(R-AK). This will bode well for her because this election has broken the mold for Senators not becoming President, something that has not been done since JFK. The stars are aligning for Governor Palin and her role as the leader of the Conservative movement. My advice to her is read Burke and understand the well spring of your philosophies. We need a leader who grasps organic Democracy and change with temperance, the truest of true Conservatives. She has the potential, all she has to do is accept her role and the rest will be history.


"Happy Hunting, Governor!"



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