In the News : 22nd October 2008


Oh where to start? Frank needs to keep his mouth shut about tax increases, Murtha, I don't even know what to say about him shuttin' up, and Obie on McCain's willful ignorance. It's a morning full of comedy!

Barney Frank on Tax and Spend

You want it, you got it. "My encouraging will have more impact on Senator Obama." "Needs to be a focus on spending increases." "Deficit fears need to take a second seat." and "There needs to be tax increases." Yeah Barney sounds like a lot of new ideas from you and your Liberal pals. Tax and spend your way out of enormous debt, do I have to say anymore?

John Murtha Calls Western Pa. 'Redneck'

CHARLEROI, Pa. -- U.S. Rep. John Murtha is calling many of the people who put him in office "rednecks."

The news comes one week after Murtha claimed the area is racist, then apologized for that comment.

In explaining his comments about racism, Murtha, D-Johnstown, told WTAE Channel 4 Action News on Monday it's difficult for many in the area to change. Murtha said that just five to 10 years ago the entire area was "redneck."

Now Murtha said only certain segments of the population are holding on to those racist feelings. Read m
Who keeps electing these people to public office? The only place we should ever have the unfortunate sightings of Murtha or Frank are on the cover of the National Enquirer. These people are ridiculously stupid and getting worse, I think they are O2 deprived.

Obama says McCain offers 'willful ignorance'
By JENNIFER LOVEN, (AP) - Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday that Republican John McCain is offering little more than "willful ignorance, wishful thinking, outdated ideology" to an economy in crisis, seeking to capitalize on the main issue that is propelling him forward in the race for the White House.

"While President Bush and Sen. McCain were ready to move heaven and earth to address the crisis on Wall Street, t
he president has failed so far to address the crisis on Main Street, and Sen. McCain has failed to fully acknowledge it," Obama said at a jobs summit his campaign staged in economically precarious and politically significant Florida.

Obama said that McCain's response to the limping economy doesn't offer enough to Americans worried about keeping their jobs, their homes and their lifestyles. Read more...
This was too good not to follow up the other two posts with. I think I need to refer Barry to them. Seems Barney Frank is worried about my job, my home, and my lifestyle, if I have all three he can tax the living hell out of me and keep his spending programs running. If I don't want to pay them Murtha will probably think I am a racist. Oh well.

What can I say the Three Stooges here are about as fun as a shaving your buddy's eyebrows after he passes out drunk. Well that is it for toady, can't wait to be taxed and spent to death, while being branded a racist, and told I am willfully ignorant cause I want to save money. What a bright future we have!


"Happy Hunting!"



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