The New PDS: Pelosi DumbA#% Syndrome


I know this is about two days old, but I was trying to hold off on talking about PDS anymore. No, not Palin Derangement Syndrome, Pelosi Dumbass Syndrome. Also I gave Opie my word I would quit being so obsessed with her stupidity, but this is again, too much.

Now Madumb Screecher wants a $150 billion stimulus package. For what? The last one didn't work and times were better, although they did not seem that way then. I can see it now, Madumb Screecher, the Russians are invading the West Coast, Nancy Pelosi, "We need a stimulus package!" Madumb Screecher, half the polar ice caps just melted away, Nancy Pelsoi, "We need a stimulus package!"

Let's face it people they have just replaced earmarks with stimulus packages. This in my opinion is the new pork. A couple of other things too, this is not free money, think of it as a long term loan that will be paid back by you, your kids, your grand kids, and their kids. And before all of this we were already eyeballs deep in debt, now you can add on another trillion and growing. Secondly, most of the bust in the economy was caused by people carrying to much debt and not having the capital to pay up when the time came, so here is Congress setting the example once again. These people are habitual spenders, they need a massive intervention with a 12 step program. It is pathetic.

Spending is Washington's answer for everything, throw money at it and it will go away. Because this is the only thing they know how to do, It doesn't work that way in microecon, macroecon, or everydayecon. Fiscal responsibility, good leadership, better management, and transparency is the fix. The only problem is these goons in Washington and state governments are as entrenched as a tick on Mississippi hound dog.

Well that was the rant for the day, hope you enjoyed.


"Hunting Happily."



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