In the News: 01 March 2009

Exciting day! Germany rejects appeal to bail-out Eastern Europa, UK PM, Gordon Brown, wants Obama and the US to pay for the rest of the world, State Department declares large area of Mexico off limits to all government workers, except for essential personnel, Rahm Emmanuel declares Limbaugh "intellectual force" of the conservative movement.

Merkel Rejects Calls for EU Bailout of Eastern Europe

WSJ-Germany rejected appeals Sunday for a single multibillion-euro bailout of eastern Europe, even after Hungary begged EU leaders not to let a new "Iron Curtain" divide the continent into rich and poor.

The swift, strong comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel dampened hopes that leaders at Sunday's European Union summit could forge a unified stance to tackle the worsening economic crisis.

As Europe's largest economy, Germany has been under rising pressure to take the lead in rescuing eastern EU members, but Ms. Merkel insisted that a one-size-fits-all bailout was unwise. read more....


Brown woos Obama on global deal

Times Online-GORDON BROWN hopes to forge a partnership with President Barack Obama in Washington this week, to call for a “global new deal” to lift the world out of recession.

As he prepares for his first White House visit since the president’s inauguration, the prime minister has hinted that he is ready to make further tax cuts to boost the UK economy.

Brown will meet Obama on Tuesday and address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. Aides say he has both to demonstrate to a sceptical British public that he commands the respect of the president, and to persuade the American political establishment that global action is needed to rescue the US economy. read more...


U.S. Declares Wide Swath of Mexico Off-Limits to 'Non-Essential' Travel by U.S. Government Personnel–The U.S. State Department has declared a large swath of Mexico--including all of one Mexican state and part of another--off limits to non-essential travel by U.S. government personnel working in the country.

“The U.S. Mission in Mexico currently restricts non-essential travel to the state of Durango and all parts of the state of Coahuila south of Mexican Highways 25 and 22 and the Alamos River for U.S. government employees assigned to Mexico,” says a travel alert issued by the department last week.

“This restriction was implemented in light of the recent increase in assaults, murders, and kidnappings in those two states.” read more...


White House aide casts Limbaugh as top GOP voice

AP-President Barack Obama's chief of staff says talk show personality Rush Limbaugh is a top figure in the Republican Party.

Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel says Limbaugh is the "intellectual force" of the GOP. Emanuel says Republicans now have to live with that choice. read more...




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