From Think Progress to Think Lies: Sloppy Falsehoods about Rep. Paul Ryan and His Budget Proposal

The Progressives over at Think Progress are turning into Think Lies. In an interview on the Bloomberg Business Channel, host Al Hunt, is questioning Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI.) on his proposed alternative budget.

Here is what Think Lies tries to imply, Rep. Paul Ryan Concedes GOP Alternative Budget Would Increase The Deficit ‘A Lot’

Though Ryan has been most critical of the deficit impact of Obama’s budget, he has been unable to assess the deficit impact of his own budget. After being repeatedly asked this weekend by Bloomberg’s Al Hunt about “how large” the deficit would be under the Republican plan, Ryan finally respond, “A lot”:

HUNT: But the Obama budget deficit is $1.4 trillion. How, roughly, how large will yours be?

RYAN: Their budget deficit is $1.8 trillion. […]

HUNT: Gimme an idea of how large yours will be?

RYAN: A lot. Let’s put it that way.

HUNT: Pardon me?

RYAN: Now I can’t give you the specific numbers because we’re still waiting for some numbers back from CBO. But clearly we don’t want to have this kind of run up of deficits and debt.

Uh, actually, no he doesn't.

Here is the video from You Tube.

The excerpt should read like this.

Hunt: Okay your budget will come out on Wednesday and you can’t provide all the details now and we know that.

Ryan: That’s right.

Hunt: But the Obama budget deficit is 1.4 trillion. Roughly, how large will yours be?

Ryan: There budget deficit is 1.8 trillion…uh…they add 9.2 trillion in deficits during their budgets. The Obama budget doubles the national debt in five and half years, and triples it in ten and half years, and imposes a 1.5 trillion dollar tax increase on this economy during a recession. (Laughing) We don’t plan on doing it that way.

Hunt: (Interrupting.) Okay, 1.4, 1.8...

Ryan (Speaking over Hunt.) We are not going to say let’s raise taxes in a recession.

Hunt: Gimme an idea of how large…

Ryan: (Not letting Hunt finish the question.) A LOT! Let’s put it that way.

Hunt: (Continuing his thought) …yours will be.

Hunt: Pardon me?

Ryan: I can’t give you the specific numbers because we are still waiting for some numbers back from CBO. But clearly, we don’t want to have this kind of run ups on deficits and debt. We’re gonna go a different direction. We are going to say, “Let’s not raise all the taxes in a recession. Especially on small businesses….
As you can see, Ryan conceded nothing on his budget proposal, especially that it would cost "A LOT." Any reasonably minded person can obviously see that Ryan anticipated Hunt's line of questioning to be about how much the Obama tax increases would cost. What Think Progress is attempting doesn't even equate to propaganda. There is no nice way to put it, they are a bunch of filthy damn liars. Not to mention they are becoming down right sloppy and pitiful.

Nevertheless, why in God's name would you even attempt to "LIE" to protect a travesty like the Obama budget by offering falsehoods about an alternative plan that might be better? Are they more interested in sheltering a man and his flawed ideas, which will doom the people of this nation to generational poverty, than protecting their own country's populace?

I don't lump all Progressives and Liberals in with this group. Most are decent Americans who simply have a far different way of looking at things than I do. However, it is their blindness that I find disturbing. They are aiding and abetting organizations like the Center for American Progress, who sponsors Think Progress, by being duped into CAP's quest to shift the paradigm of American thought through their influence on the Obama administration. And now sloppy dissemination of lies.

Of course, anyone familiar with CAP already knows that former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta, is one of the Center's Founders and presently its CEO. Podesta is a native born Chicagoan and is very close friend of Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. In 2003, Podesta started the Center for American Progress with funding from nefarious billionaire, George Soros, among others, in order to jump start the failing Democratic movement of the early Bush years. While not taking a direct role in the Obama administration, Podesta did co-chair his transition team.

Why is any of this important? Read the header of this blog.

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