Hillary Confirmed as Secretary of State

The Senate has overwhelmingly approved Senator Hillary Clinton to the position of Secretary of State. Opposition was meek and the final vote was 94-2 with Senator Vitter (C-La.) and Senator Demint (C-SC) standing in opposition.

From the AP, via Yahoo,

The Associated Press – The Senate confirmed Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state Wednesday as President Barack Obama moved to make his imprint on U.S. foreign policy, mobilizing a fresh team of veteran advisers and reaching out to world leaders.

The Senate voted 94-2, with Republican Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina opposing.

Republicans and Democrats alike said her swift confirmation was necessary so that Obama could begin tackling the major foreign policy issues at hand, including two wars, increased violence in the Middle East and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. read more...

This is fantastic, minus the conflict of interests Bill provides. Far Lefties are going to be dying when Clinton starts her diatribes with foreign leaders. She doesn't exactly possess what one would call diplomatic abilities. Just think back to yesterday and her assailment of Conryn because of his opposition to her appointment. What is she going to do when a foreign despot opposes her will?

I see a lot of embarrassment for the administration in the near future. They are going to have to create a whole new wing of government dedicated to cleaning up HRC's messes. I give her about 2-3 years before she "quits." Besides, that would giver her enough time to start her run against Obama in 12' if the political atmosphere is inviting enough.

Update: Liberal reaction to her confirmation, from my favorite band of loons, Firedog Lake.

Firedog Lake-I would have preferred her for a domestic slot like health, but it's still amusing to see Clinton confirmed with only 2 votes against (Vitter and DeMint), if only to keep janitors employed cleaning up after wingnut head explosions for the duration of her stay at Foggy Bottom. (Hey it's nasty work, but it's work).

Clinton's got a lot of name recognition and is generally (but not universally) liked overseas. Her husband is, likewise, still very popular. Added to the goodwill Obama starts with, I hope she'll be able to do some good in repairing America's damaged reputation, and the source of that damaged reputation, America's foreign policy.

Here is a little pragmatic observation; saying HRC will return us to an era of American diplomatic preeminence and fix our damaged reputation is like saying that George Custer was on a benevolent mission of charity to Little Big Horn and was woefully misunderstood. I love Firedog Lake, they keep me entertained, lol.

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