In the News (Jan 09, 09)

In today's headlines we have a potential new ice age, Israel rejects UN resolution and Hamas gets aggravated, carbon free city in the desert, and Russia puts the screws to Western Europe.

Coldest in Years Plains to East Coast

AccuWeather.c0m-This is about as bad as it gets folks. I don't think I've seen anything like it since 1994. Sure its been very cold at times over the past 14 years, but the total area impacted by this cold wave will be huge. By next Thursday and Friday, extremely cold air will chill the entire area from the Great Plains to the Eastern Seaboard, and the cold is also going to reach the Deep South. Only the far West will be unscathed.

From the central Plains to the Northeast temperatures are going below zero; there is no question about it. Meanwhile, the Upper Midwest and northern New England could experience readings lower than 30 below zero! read more...
I don't know what we would do if man made Gore-bull Warming wasn't here to warm things up. This freakish cold blast has me worried, it might be a new ice age or something. If it is, I am going to have to return all the carbon credits I just purchased.


Israel rebuffs UN resolution, pursues Gaza war

Reuters-Israel rejected a U.N. resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Friday and warplanes and tanks pounded the Palestinian enclave.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert dismissed Thursday's binding Security Council resolution demanding an "immediate and durable" ceasefire in the two-week-old war as "unworkable".

Israel said Hamas fighters had fired at least 30 rockets into its territory on Friday. No casualties were reported.

Medics in Gaza said the Palestinian death toll had risen to 784. Ten Israeli soldiers have been killed, as well as three civilians hit by Hamas cross-border rocket fire.

Hamas officials in Gaza say they are weighing the U.N. resolution, but have voiced irritation they were not consulted. read more...
I cannot state the outrage I feel for Hamas being irritated. They might get so aggravated that they can't continue firing rockets into Southern Israel. Then what will they do for a hobby?


First Carbon-Free City Under Construction

Breitbart TV-

I hope they have a lot of heaters for the upcoming ice age. Maybe Al Gore can use this opportunity to make a buck by trying to chastise them into buying faux fur coats. You know it gets pretty cold in the desert during the day. At least that's what Gore will start claiming.

In all seriousness, this is pretty cool, technologically speaking. It will be very interesting to watch this develop through out the years and see how it works out.


EU redoubles efforts to restore flow of gas European Union resumed efforts on Friday night to secure the restoration of Russian gas shipments via Ukraine to the EU after hopes of an early settlement to the crisis faded, leaving millions of consumers facing a fifth day of shortages.With the winter turning bitterly cold across much of Europe, the EU failed to secure backing from Moscow and Kiev for the deployment of international observers to monitor the pipeline. While both Ukraine and Russia have agreed to the monitoring plan in principle, they remained divided over details including the role of Russian monitors in Ukraine and possible Ukrainian monitors in Russia. read more...

Even the Russians know that the ice age is coming. That's why they are hording all of their natural gas and blaming the Ukrainians. Jokes aside, this is the first major shot being fired at the EU by Russia. Seems ole Vlad is trying to schism Western
and Eastern Europa. I am sure the EU in its typical appeasement fashion will blame Ukraine. Keep suckin' up boys, Russia just loves it.



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