Michael Steele: New RNC Chair

After watching Mike Steele, former Maryland Lt. Governor and Chairman of GOPAC, giving his commentary during the election on Fox News, I was impressed. To have a man with this level of talent, forward thinking, charisma, aggressiveness, and intellect leading the RNC is a blessing.

Steele's political outlooks are somewhat moderate, but leaning very Right. Here is his rating according to OntheIssue's.com

Video from Steele's acceptance speech, via MSNBC.

His aggressiveness is the the one thing that made Steele the more attractive candidate than his competition. The man openly speaks his mind, often to others chagrin, but does so in a very articulate and no nonsense sort of way. In other words, there is no misunderstanding when Steele speaks.

I am very proud to have Michael Steele as the RNC Chairman, I think he will prove to be a dangerous adversary for the Progressives and it seems some on the Left share that concern.

From Lanny Davis on the Politico's, Arena,
As I stated in a previous Politico Arena, Michael Steele was positively my last preference for RNC Chair -- since he was, and is, by far, the most effective, articulate center - right voice of the Republican Party, with a firm but friendly manner on TV and, thus, the best possible choice for the GOP to appeal to the broad middle of American society.
Things are starting to shape up for the GOP and it is safe to say the party will be in good hands.

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Waddie said...

I am proud as well of Steele. He was my first choice, with Ken Blackwell coming in a close second.

By the way, love the new look of your site!

Critical Thinker said...

Thanks Waddie,

Same here, Steele and Blackwell both have the attitude that is sorely lacking in GOP leadership these days. I think Steele will work out just fine.

Greg said...

What, now we go and find our own "magic Negro"?

This is a very, very sad day for America. The election of Steele proves that the Republican party will not go in the direction they need to for the sake of our country. They can expect to be in the minority for quite some time to come.

Are you a true conservative or just a kool aid drinker? If you are a true conservative then you would listen to what this other true conservative has to say about him.


Steve Deace is so right about him.

He's a RINO. On that we can be clear. This proves that the Republican Party's move to the Left might be a permanent legacy of the Bush years.

Critical Thinker said...

Wow, you have underwhelmed me with your opening statements.

I suggest you do a little reading on Steele's approaches to pro-life, homosexual marriage, and embryonic stem cell research. Quit getting your information from some second rate radio talk show that broadcasts from a back alley.

And need I remind you it was the social conservative black community that gave us Prop 8. Because the gutless wonders known as "California Whites" were to enlightened to try and stop the redefining of marriage.

Here are two articles to start your new education with.



Also, according to OntheIssues he is personally against abortion but would rather see state's choice to remove or support abortion. Not the Federal government engage in "judicial activism." Oh yeah there is a moderate! And he is against redefining marriage.

What makes him a "moderate," is he is pro affirmative action and against the death penalty.

And when you can tell me who Russell Kirk, Sir Edmund Burke, Robert Nisbet, or Lord Acton and what they stood for then you can accuse me of drinking kool-aid and ask me if I am a conservative. (Hell, I'll even settle for Victor Davis Hansen.)Because, I seriously doubt you or your fabled talk show host even have any idea who any of these men are, what they stood for, and how they helped shape this country.

Until then I suggest you stay on the compound in Guyana, listening to your reverend.


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