House Conservatives Hold the Line Against Stimulus

Bad news, stimulus bill passed the House. Good news, 177 Republicans voted UNANIMOUSLY against it and had an additional 11 Democratic allies join their ranks. For better or worse, the Liberals, own it.

Cantor and Boehner should earn the gratitude of the tax payers for showing some profound leadership and backbone. They have, at the least, held the line on principles and kept their party on the straight an narrow in a no win situation.

Additional credit to the House GOP, as a whole, for coming together against a very contentious issue and voting like minded. They are going to lose a lot more, but, it is important they voted together. Now there will be immense pressure on GOP Senators to do the same. This might also assist in forcing the stimulus to be crafted more along the lines of tax cuts, less government expansion, and less pork spending, making it a more palatable and realistic solution. These are a lot of "ifs," though.

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Jason said...

I see an opening here...especially if this does not have the intended effects or people become educated to the fact what exactly this bill proposes to spend.

The Democrats have been forced to own this bill as they should due to the hyperpartisan show of power.

Critical Thinker said...


The House didn't open a door, they ripped a cavern open by standing up. No one is arguing that we don't need a stimulus, just not one that shoots the govy up on roids and breaks the American taxpayer to the point of submission.

I have read so many ill-informed Lefites, that have the audacity to accuse the GOP of not offering a plan.

Last time I checked the House GOP brought over a stimulus package made up entirely of tax cuts, hitting everyone from top to bottom. EITC, corporate taxes, capital gains, etc. EVERYONE WAS INCLUDED. Not just special interests or minorities being the special little groups targeted.

Jason said...

I have a pretty good piece on my site arguing over the merits of the stimulus and how economist and politicians alike have been treated as opposition instead of concerned people.

There are hundreds of economist out there who have made a convincing argument that this package is all wrong and will only cause hardship, and change the role of government in the future.

But, unfortunately we have one of the most nasty congresses in history.


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