Rober Reich: No White Male Construction Workers Wanted

This is a video from You Tube of Robert Reich and Charlie Rangel discussing how to best target the money from infrastructure spending towards minorities versus skilled professionals, and in Reich's own words, "White male construction workers."

Video form You Tube,

You are white or an educated professional, we don't want you, please dry up and blow away in the wind like dog excrement, utterly disgusting. Welcome to hope and change you can believe in, America.


Phaedrus said...

Go Figure!

Critical Thinker said...

Did you expect anything less?

Phaedrus said...

I'm not 100% sure but it seemed to me that this idot said he didn't want highly skilled proffesional OR white construction workers building bridges and other critical infrastrure projects but he would rather people who have LONG TERM unemployment records performing these jobs. I don't mean to sound paranoid or racist but as a person who had built bridges I think some degree of experience, skills, and professionalism is desirable.


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