Palin at the Alfalfa Club

Sarah Palin will be a guest at the prestigious Washington DC based social organization the Alfalfa Club. In the last week of January, the 200 member organization holds a dinner at which some of the most influential DC politicians and members of the business community come together for a night of drinks and dinner. There is one major rule though, no press.

The black tie event is a ritual that has gone on since 1913 and has had such speakers as Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, and now President Obama.

Palin's invitation can only be seen as one thing, the Washington elites are waking up to the fact that she has become a major force in politics and her future on the DC scene is undeniable. Coincidentally, Palin launched her political fundraising organization, SarahPac, so she would not have to use state funds to attend functions that are considered political.

One of the more interesting facts about the Alfalfa Club is they playfully nominate a mock candidate for the Presidency every year. Several of their candidates actually have even gone onto hold the office such as, Nixon, Reagan, and George W. Bush. Wonder, if Sarah will get it this year?

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Waddie said...

She would if I had anything to do with it!

Critical Thinker said...

Hey bro,

I only Governor Palin isn't going to go the route of federal aid junkie, like the meida has been saying.

Her and Jindal are my hopes for the GOP future and if they accept stimulus money it might cost them both their political futures when this thing blows up.

Ideologically, I would have to disavow any support for either of them if they took it. Even as much as like them both.


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