Senate "Conservatives" Claim Opposition to Stimulus

The Alice's in RINO Land might have learned a little something from their GOP counterparts in the House. Senate Conservatives are vowing to oppose the Obastimulized Pork-Chop of 2009.

From LiberalizetheUSAtoday,

Some Senate Republicans vow opposition to stimulus plan
USA Today — A group of conservative Senate Republicans vowed Thursday to vote against an $888 billion economic stimulus package when it comes up for a vote in the Senate.

"A trillion dollars is a terrible thing to waste," said Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., standing with Republican colleagues who said they feel shut out of the process of crafting the stimulus despite Democratic promises of bipartisan cooperation.

President Obama lobbied Republican congressional leaders to support the measure, but the version of the stimulus bill approved Wednesday by the House did not receive any Republican votes. The Senate is expected to start debate on Monday and the bill is already facing resistance from some Republicans. read more..
Odds are that this will pass the Senate, you still have the Snowe/Voinovich/Spectre/Collins factors to deal with. McCain has stated he will vote against it, "in its present form." Graham will go the way of his dear old Dad, so how they factor into the equation is uncertain. Keep in mind, McCain is adept at maneuvering around his past statements and flip flopping. You know, a real Maverick, in his own mind.

Final lesson to the Senate GOP, most of the time your fingers operate independently of each other. However, once in awhile they can come together and form a fist. Losing is acceptable, but do it together. Break ranks and you might as well change your party affiliation to "D," you won't survive a GOP primary in 2010.

(H/T to RobV, over at The 46, for enlightening me to this article with his post, Senate Republicans Vow To Crush Stimulus.)


Tom the Redhunter said...

Yes, I too was far more impressed by the House Republicans and how they held together.

Obama's bumbling attempts at "bipartisanship" has injected a bit of life into the old pachyderm. We'll see if it perks up now.

Critical Thinker said...

It's ashame it took all this to get it perked up. Guess they figured you can't just lay around and get voted into office, you actually might have to do something like fight a live by your principles.

Phaedrus said...

Perhaps the Republican senators (some of them anyway) are aware that people are finally paying attention to what they are passing. It will be interesting to see what their price tag is.

Critical Thinker said...


Agreed, voters are becoming more politically savvy and paying attention to contentious issues. An informed voter is a dangerous voter to a politician with a hidden agenda.


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