Marc Ambinder Stoo-pidity Day?

I have glossed over Ambinder's material in the past and really wasn't that impressed. I give more credit to Ezra Klein, or the socialists over at FireDog Lake, for the quality of their politically left-leaning commentary. But, Ambinder is just begging to be shredded with his addled drool today.

Not only has he given Timothy Giethner a free pass for his tax evasion. He seems to be impressed by the President-elect's feeble attempt at falsely appearing to ingratiate himself with conservative opinion leaders.

From the Atlantic,

It's true.

He motorcaded to a house in Maryland this evening, and if the press pool report is accurate, he is breaking bread with William Kristol and David Brooks. (If Brooks and Kristol seem to be unusually briefed about Obama's thinking, you'll know why.)

So, Obama got a free lunch and had to mull over neo-con policy an opine, for an afternoon, in order to gain some new "neoconservative" lapdogs? I am supposed to be impressed? Kristol and the crew probably chewed up the bone Obama threw them like overzealous and teething puppies.

Then in a stunning display of infinite wisdom CBS's, Dan Raviv, just about gave GPS co-ords on Geroge Will's home in Maryland. Of course, Ambinder was all to happy to report its location also.

CBS News's Dan Raviv tells the pool that the house, on Grafton Street in Chevy Chase, belongs to George Will. (Unless he's moved.)

Trying to kill off the competition, Marc?

Again -- establishment opinion matters to the Obama communications team.

Yay!! Obama sucks up to the establishment talking heads!!! NewsFlash Marc, this isn't news. One word comes to mind concerning the author of this dribble, "Idiot."

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