Tom Daschle:Tax Problems, Go Figure

Surprise, surprise, surprise, Tom Daschle owes back taxes. Another Democrat caught cheating on taxes and claiming it was due to ignorance. But, don't worry, now that it matters he has paid what was owed. Doesn't that make you feel better?

From Fox News,

FOX News confirmed that Daschle alerted the Senate Finance Committee, which will oversee his confirmation hearing, that the matter involves more than $100,000 in back taxes and interest for a car and driver that was provided to him for four years by Leo Hindery, "a wealthy Democratic donor and longtime friend of Daschle's."

Daschle "incorrectly assumed" the use of the car and driver was not subject to taxation. But the White House says he discovered the error during preparation for his confirmation and filed amended tax returns with the proper payment and interest.

Please, don't fret none, the White House is all over it. Their response has been printed out on the newly created form letter for Cabinet nominees with tax problems.

The White House issued a statement Friday night affirming that Daschle "is the right person to lead the fight for health care reform."

"Senator Daschle brought these issues to the Finance Committee's attention when he submitted his nomination forms and we are confident the committee is going to schedule a hearing for him very soon, and he will be confirmed," it says.

Yawn, this isn't news anymore, it's expected.

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The Intellectual Redneck said...

Is Tom Daschle a tax cheat?

Owing a hundred thousand dollars in back taxes seems a bit too much. What is it with these democrats? They don't have any problem raising taxes on the rest of us. When it comes their turn to pay, they are looking for a pass. This really is shameful.

FLRN said...

Hmmmm Creating a path and uniting forces for healthcare reform and the potential developments surrounding Universal healthcare is going to require a guiding force with a high degree of fiscal and social responsibility and accountability to get the job done equitably. Can't leave anything to incorrect assumptions here...every "found" $100,000 is going to help so isn't nice that Mr. Daschle "caught" his own error just in time for his confirmation hearing?

Critical Thinker said...

Lol FLRN, great point. Now if we can just grab up the rest of the money that republicans and democrats alike have been hording through tax fraud. We might be able to pay off the national debt as well as fund universal health care.


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