I pledge...not to be some faux Hollywood activist or a hypocrite.

Well the old Limousine Liberal sect strikes again. With their renewed vigor and vitality brought on by the sweeping winds of hope and change, the Hollywood hypocrites take the pledge.

From Briebart.com (H/T Powerline),

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

After polarizing and dividing the country for almost eight years, now, the eruidtes of hope want to have a feel good fest? Where were you the past decade on the issue of human trafficking, or trying to fight AIDS in Africa, or combating global poverty? Now all of sudden you are inspired? The Nero's in Hollywood did nothing for any issues of substance. They chose to fiddle while Rome burned and now they want a fire hose. I pledge to fight them every step of the way and make sure they know how shallow they really are.

Don't be like these sheep-minded goons, you don't need the "Great Leader" to inspire you to help your fellow man. Give your time, not money, to a worth while cause. Just do it because it's what's in your heart.

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