Science and Tech Review: Nanotube Superbatteries

Admittedly, being a little bit of a science & tech geek. I thought it would be interesting to start posting some stuff on the latest and the greatest the eggheads have to offer. So, without further adieu, from MIT, Nanotube Superbatteries.

Basically, the Nanotube Batteries are smaller than standard electrodes, but, have an increased and more efficient capacity to carry and store a large amount of charge. They use what is called layer-upon-layer technique. Due to their small size, about 1 micrometer thick, you can increase the density of the storage unit. Thereby increasing the surface area for the amount of charge it can store. Very interesting stuff.

Here is the article from Tech Review.

Nanotube Superbatteries

Technology Review-Researchers at MIT have made pure, dense, thin films of carbon nanotubes that show promise as electrodes for higher-capacity batteries and supercapacitors. Dispensing with the additives previously used to hold such films together improved their electrical properties, including the ability to carry and store a large amount of charge.

Carbon nanotubes can carry and store more charge than other forms of carbon, in part because their nanoscale structure gives them a very large surface area. But conventional methods for making them into films leave significant gaps between individual nanotubes or require binding materials to hold them together. Both approaches reduce the films' conductivity--the ability to convey charge--and capacitance--the ability to store it.

The applications for energy storage are pretty amazing when you think about it. Nano tech is really taking off as the wave of the future and I am sure there will further advancement in these areas. Hope you've enjoyed.

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