Obama's Compromise, the Big Bluff.

President Obama is open to compromise as the hour of his reckoning draws near. Now he is claiming that he is willing to accept GOP changes to the stimulus package, invoked Reagan, and asked everyone to sing kumbyah.

I don't think that anyone got the idea that when President Obama started talking about bipartisanship that he meant, not only the captain, but the crew goes down with the ship, too. If Repubs. bite on this they are as stupid as the Left paints them.

Yahoo News – On the eve of a key vote, President Barack Obama privately promised Republicans he stands ready to accept changes in the $825 billion economic stimulus legislation, invoked Ronald Reagan to rebut conservative critics and urged lawmakers to "put politics aside" in the interest of creating jobs. read more...

Have a nice run guys, I am joining a political party that I know doesn't have a chance. Maybe Nader's Greenies. At least they don't purposefully shoot themselves in the foot when they know better. They are just stupid all the time.

Update: Not 5 minutes after I posted this, a new article appears on the Yahoo, guess I ain't going Green. Damn it, I wanted to play with sea kittens before I fried them up.

Yahoo News — The House of Representatives is expected to approve on Wednesday an $825 billion plan aimed at reviving an economy that's rapidly falling into what may be the worst recession since World War II, but President Barack Obama is likely to fall short of getting the strong bipartisan consensus he wants. read more...
If you already read this portion of the article and realize the rest is gone you would be correct. Seems, there is a spamming issue going on with a particular trackback via another post I had just put up before this one. So, I had to remove it.


Grace Explosion said...

Ummm... I don't think we're recovering mid-2009. Look for propaganda creating that report - or stupidity. There are no brakes on this runaway train.

Critical Thinker said...

If the "experts," are correct about the length of the downturn the prediction is mid to late 2009 the recession will have ended, that is without a stimulus package. Actual recovery takes about 6-8 months before the effects can be felt. Either way the only thing the stimulus will probably have done is made things worse.


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