Geithner's Gasp

Tim Geithner, the Treasury Secretary designate, met with the Senate House Finance Committee over concerns about tax problems and the immigration status of his former housekeeper.

Geithner's tax problems started while he worked for the IMF (International Money Fund), from 2001-2004. While under their employ, Giethner was considered to be self employed and therefore responsible for paying social security and medicare taxes. Well, he didn't until he was audited by the IRS in 2006.

Geithner, claimed he should have known better. You think? I have never been, nor know anyone who has been the undersecretary for international affairs at the Treasury or head of the New York Fed. Yet, us average peasants know to pay our taxes.

This isn't some imbroglio, it represents incompetence or some haughty attempt at misfeasance.

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Mark Ambinder, of the The Atlantic, has a really rich take on this whole thing.

The disclosure calls into question Geithner's ability to multitask and his prior knowledge of the tax code, but it would be hard to fault his of his judgment or his qualifications, and it really has little bearing on the job he was nominated to do.

Guess, Ambinder is so dazed by Obama or suffered a recent head trauma, that he is just oblivious. Geithner is not the wonder boy that he is portrayed as, in many ways, he has a very comparable background to Henry Paulson. And was also credited as the "architect" of the bailouts we are now strapped with.

So, I guess its pretty fitting that he likes spending taxpayer money while not putting in his fair share. Just another great example that "hope and change" just equals the status quo. Get used to getting screwed, it's not going to end.

Photo credit to the Wall Street Journal.

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