Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean sentences commuted by Bush.

Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, on the very last full day of the Bush Presidency, have had their sentences commuted. Ramos and Compean had shot a Mexican drug runner, back in 2005, and were serving 11 and 12 year sentences respectively. These sentences will now end on March 20th this year.

From Fox News,

Bush Commutes Sentences for Two Former Border Patrol Agents

Fox News-On his last full day in office, President Bush commuted the controversial sentences of two former Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a Mexican drug runner in 2005.

The imprisonment of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean had sparked outcry from critics who said the two men were just doing their jobs and were punished too harshly. They had been sentenced to 11- and 12-year sentences, respectively.

Their prison sentences will now expire on March 20 of this year. read more...
The New York Post,


New York Post - President George W. Bush has commuted the prison sentences of two former Border Patrol guards whose convictions for shooting a Mexican drug dealer ignited debate about illegal immigration. read more...

From the WaPo,

Bush Commutes Sentences of Former U.S. Border Agents

Washinton Post -- In his final acts of clemency, President George W. Bush on Monday commuted the prison sentences of two former U.S. Border Patrol agents whose convictions for shooting a Mexican drug dealer ignited fierce debate about illegal immigration.

Bush's decision to commute the sentences of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who tried to cover up the shooting, was welcomed by both Republican and Democratic members of Congress. They had long argued that the agents were merely doing their jobs, defending the American border against criminals. They also maintained that the more than 10-year prison sentences the pair was given were too harsh. read more...
While Ramos and Compean did perform egregiously illegal acts, as far as evidence tampering, many critics of the sentencing were rightly crusading for its reduction. The trial seemed to be used to make an example of these two men and the time they would have served was ridiculous.

I am glad to see they received commutation rather than full pardon, they did, after all, break the law. However they have served their debt to society for their crimes, now let them get on with their lives. President Bush deserves credit for recognizing this and it is an appropriate way for him to leave office.

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