Rasmussen Poll: Public Support for Stimulus Waning

The recent GOP show of force, might be the start of an echo chamber against the pork based, ineffective, and very expensive Obastimulus package. People seem to be waking up to the true contents of the stimulus package, not the false advertising and fear mongering that package it. Public support for the plan is waning.

According to Rasmussen Reports, this week, support for the recovery package, in its present form, has fallen, especially among Independent voters. Last week, support for the package was at 45% with opposition at 34%. The latest Rasmussen numbers indicate a very significant shift, as it stands now, 42% still support it and 39% oppose.

Another concern indicated was that the government would be overreaching. Forty-six percent of respondents were concerned that the Federal government would be doing too much while 42% were concerned they wouldn't be doing enough.

While little has changed among conservative or liberal opinions, the greatest shift in support has occurred within unaffiliated voters. Last week 37% in favor of the plan and 36% opposed, now, 50% oppose it, while only 27% favor it.

Overall voters resoundingly reject a stimulus package made up of only government spending without any tax cuts-70% opposing this idea to 15% supporting. Although, a plan concentrating strictly only tax cuts -like House Republicans proposed- has garnered support. Forty-three percent of voters support this approach while 39% are opposed, with 48% of unaffiliated supporting it and 33% do not.

On a final note, Rasmussen indicates that nearly half of this survey was done on Wednesday after the House vote. There is no indication that this had any effect on opinions concerning support for the recovery plan or not. However, I am of the mind that it is far to obvious to overlook GOP opposition to this bill having some effect.

The Senate had better be listening to these numbers or we might have some new GOP faces come 2010. Ones who go by the political description of Conservative, not spineless invertebrates.

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robert verdi said...

its a start, now shed light on this monstrosity

Critical Thinker said...

That's a lot of light Rob. Still at least people are starting to understand what they are dealing with.


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