Geithener Approved and Sworn In.

Tim Geithner was approved by the Senate, in 60-34 vote, as the new Treasury Secretary despite ample evidence of tax "lapses." Geithner is now the sole person responsible for spending that is related to the Highway Robbery Bill ver 2.0. (I.E. Obama stimulus package)

Dontcha' just love having a guy who says not paying 4 years of taxes was an "oversight?" Most people are just worried about him leading the IRS, I am worried about him leading the whole damn Treasury Department. Hopefully he won't have another oversight like forgetting where the $1 trillion we are about to drop is.

For the full story:

Business Week-Senate confirms Geithner as treasury secretary


RightKlik said...

shame on the 10 "republicans" who voted for his confirmation.

Critical Thinker said...

10 more Republicans worried about going against Obama's popularity. I wonder if they will ever get a backbone?


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