Jim DeMint, change you can believe in.

All to often, perilous times bring out the most opportunistic and vile creatures, who play on our needs and use this against us in order to gain power. However, it also brings out those of staunch character and ideals, that actually think about the well-being of those they serve, before themselves. Jim DeMint, might actually be the latter.

In an article written for the The State publication's editorial column, Senator DeMint lays out a plan for well placed tax cuts, a surrogate plan to the Obastimulus package.
No matter what President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress put in their still-unfinished economic stimulus bill, there is a strong chance this recession will persist. The president knows this, and he also knows that his honeymoon with the American people will not endure too many months of bankruptcies, foreclosures and rising unemployment. Thus, his request for Republican help in crafting at least part of the stimulus bill is not only magnanimous and statesmanlike, but also extremely clever. Should the bill fail to revive the economy, its bipartisan character would inoculate the new president from sole responsibility for what Republicans could otherwise brand “The Obama Recession.”

But if the stimulus package Obama signs into law is anything like the draft recently reported in the media, long-term economic pain will indeed be on his hands. Last week, word leaked that Team Obama’s package would total $775 billion, including $300 billion in tax relief. That $300 billion is the bait Obama hopes will lure congressional Republicans to vote in favor of the stimulus package, and thus share responsibility for its potential failure. A close look at the details of the proposed tax cuts, however, exposes the president’s strategy as short-sighted, artificial and insubstantial: junk food for our starving economy. We don’t need another check-in-the-mail debacle, business credits that expire after a single year or special-interest corporate welfare.

Republicans who embrace these ineffectual tax cuts will deserve the inevitable consequences they suffer at the polls. Conservatives need to snap out of their November blues: We lost an election, after all, not our minds. It’s not too much to ask that the largest economic stimulus bill in history actually stimulate the economy. read more...

Seems that the Carolina Conservative's Club, along with some insurgent allies in Louisiana (Vitter) and Oklahoma (Coburn), might be the only thing standing in the way of the Far Left Juggernaut, fueled by lawyer lingo. Credit to Demint, and the few others, who are actually standing up in the sea of RINO mods. inhabiting the Senate.

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RightKlik said...

DeMint is the man

Critical Thinker said...


I couldn't put it more eloquently!


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