Bobby Jindal: At least one GOP'er has some intellectual balls.

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA.), at a $2,500-per-plate dinner fund raiser had some words of wisdom for his neutered Republican colleagues.

Jindal laid out the battle plan as simply as he could saying, "Republicans must be ready to defy the president when they disagree with his policies." Of course, getting the GOP to follow even the simplest commands can be a greater challenge than building a pyramid.

The young Governor even sharpened Limbaugh's point making it a little more palatable, "We are now in the position of being the loyal opposition," Jindal said at a Republican congressional fundraising dinner that only by coincidence fell on the same night as Obama's news conference. "The right question to ask is not if we want the president to fail or succeed, but whether we want America to succeed."

If Jindal can escape the incompetent grasp of GOP handlers and branch off on his own, he might yet become a very formidable opponent for the Proglodyte leadership in 2012. However, if he chooses the McCain route there could be hell to pay.



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