Breitbart: Fullerton, CA. Tea Party reaches 8,000

In all places, California has evidently sounded off in the most successful Tea Party tax revolt in America.

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Towards the end the crowd breaks out in a chant of, "Liars, thieves, whores." Referring to the federal government, I assume.

Since Rick Santelli's call for some kind of tax revolt, the right side of the Net has seen a little contention concerning the Tea Parties. Notable conservative bloggers such as Michelle Malkin and Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, among many others, have been favorably covering the events. While Rick Moran of The Right Wing Nuthouse, has caught some heat over his contentious remarks about the size and effectiveness of the protests.

Obviously, Moran has a point, to a point. That notwithstanding, it's a little too early to be passing any sort of judgment, the Tea Parties are less than a few weeks old. Criticizing it at this stage in the game is like criticizing a one month old infant for not being able to feed itself.

Situations are still unclear as to whether or not these tax revolts will be effective and grow in number and organization, or just serve as some sort of cathartic release. Nevertheless, at least somebody is trying somewhere and for that the participants and organizers deserve a little bit of praise.



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