DOW Disgrace

DOW is sinkin' faster than a boulder in a lake. Get used to it because it's all the rage.

The WSJ has provided a track of the DOW digress from election day, Nov. 4th, till today.

Update-The DOW did open up today 100 pts. higher. The AP has theorized, via the Daily Beast, that this remarkable "recovery" was due to anticipation of a Fed induced loan of $200 billion to spur lending to consumers and small businesses.

So a rise from the basement floor to the bottom of the stairs is an optimistic boost? The media is now in the business of celebrating Obama's mediocrity and economic bumbling, "Yay!"


Jason said...

My question is when will President Obama be forced to have ownership of this mess. I know, I know, he "inherited Bush's mess!!" I got it. But Obama has put his name on the largest spending spree in our nations history. He had all the answers coming into this. What we have gotten from it all is a deeper debt and crumbling financial industry.

It is pretty obvious Obama's plans aren't working. He has been wrong. The man acts like he goes through his day without even giving notice to any of this. His answer is to spend, spend, spend.

Critical Thinker said...

Hey Jas,

Spending equals government expansion which means more power. Economic recovery doesn't matter to these people, control does.


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