The Road Kill Report (v. 5.0): All things Activist

Today we dedicate the RKR to those whacky half-baked creatures known as left-wing activists. We may hate to love them, but we surely love making fun of them.

From Throwing Shoes to Custard-Greenie throws custard on British Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson. Mr Mandelson's crime? Trying to get a third runway put in at Heathrow Airport to help with the overflow of air traffic.

Leila Deen is a member of the appropriately named environ-MENTAL group, Plane Stupid.


Read Noam Chomsky and we can talk

Maybe she should read something like the Constitution or the Federalist Papers, instead of the Communist Manifesto or Engels. Then we can have an intelligent conversation.


Megaphone Protest-

Because, I had too.

Some people should practice contraception so they don't breed.



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