The Road Kill Report (v. 3.0)

Today, our inane stumbling through life will include a toast to all things Red. Cheers and ciao!

Bingo and Communism at the Salon-Some half-backed con over at a rag called the American Drinker is accusing our cute and cuddly Prez, whose speeches are better than sex, of playing bingo with commies. How could he spread such propaganda about a man who would never promote the ideas of such a totalitarian form of politics. The horror!!

The Right Dangle on Being Social-Human Events, a mag that deals in all things social, has gone off their kilter by reporting it's bad that the Prez and his flock are progressing socially. They also recommend that cons should become Wolverines, whatever that means? Some guy who is a pundit on gateways has a problem with the Barry having a full socialized calender, also. Man, Righties are so uptight about partying.

In honor of all things Red,



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