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Today we will delve into the more philosophical side of bewilderment. Not only will we stimulate our ignorant intellectualism but our girds and loins also. Stacy McCain's Rule #5 of bloggin' seems to be all the rage, so we acquiesce.

Some French Guy-Seems this dude name of Alexis De Tocqueville wants to offer his stale opinion on our fast moving and shaking, awesomely cool, GQ Prez on the Minority Report. Who does this guy think he is, after all he is French, what does he know? Democratic Despotism me arse, pffft!

What's an Admiral know?
-The Astute bloggers are pushin' more propaganda that Iran, the nation that America has been bullying, has enough fissile material to make a bomb. Their source, some Admiral named Mike Mullen. Is Mullen a French name? Anyways, this guy Mullen probably wants to commandeer all of Iran's nuclear material cause he knows the Prez will be cutting military expenditures. Mullen needs to steal nuclear material from innocent little Iran so he can keep his imperialistic navy fueled.


Rule #5, stimulate the girds and loins-

In the famous words of the great intellectual and philosopher, Homer J. Simspson, "Mmmmmm, hot chics!!"

Sarcasm button disengaged, read Alexis De Tocqueville, if you aren't careful you might just learn something, the Iranian government are despotic twits, Admiral and CJCS, Mike Mullen is a freakin' genius, the US Navy rox, and so do hot chics.

Ask any Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Coastie, what are they fighting for? I guarantee in the top five will be America's hotties, their God given right to hotness, and protecting the international liberties of the world's hotties from burka induced tyranny.

RKR is a toast to my love of that whacky Cannuckian blogger at small dead animals. Read Kate, frequently and often.


Jason said...

I like the new addition to PCT!

Critical Thinker said...

Great Jason, encourage him, that's all he needs, lol.

OmegaPundit said...

Hah! I have at least one follower. My Thrill Kill Cult is growing.


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