Rasmussen: Obama's Presidential Approval Index Dropping

Rasmussen Reports is showing an interesting trend with regards to President Obama's overall approval rating. "In the toilet" is not a very good description, but there has been a significant drop in a relatively short amount of time.

The Index simply refers to the difference between the President's overall approval rating versus the overall disapproval rating.

Here is the spread from the last seven days,

Click on image to enlarge.

You will notice a significant drop from the 6th-7th of March, declining seven points. This drop has continued for three straight days. The President still enjoys a favorable majority with a 56% overall approval rating.

According to Rasmussen, this drop is a reflection of growing Republican dissatisfaction with the President. From Rasmussen, "The rising negative is driven by Republicans, 58% of who Strongly Disapprove of Obama’s performance. Since Inauguration Day, Republican opposition has doubled."

The real litmus test will be whether or not this trend continues or stabilizes and what actions the administration takes to combat it.

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