Glenn Beck's, The 9.12 Project

Glenn Beck's "We surround them," aired today and to say the least it was kind of interesting. Beck has taken issue with the complacency of the American public, the entitlement attitude of our pols, and what to do about it.

Admittedly, Beck can be a little bit of a drama queen. However, this does not take way from his point that America is being taken down a road that we do not understand by people who obviously do not have our best intentions in their hearts.

In the spirit Beck is trying to promote, here are some links to free E-books on Google featuring some of the most noted and influential Americans and documents which have shaped our country. There are many more than are just listed here, but it's a start.

Benjamin Franklin

George Washington

Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Paine

Patrick Henry

Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution

The Federalist Papers

Dan over at the Stafford Voice made a great comment once, "Americans are hardwired for freedom." I think it's about time we start remembering that.

For continuing coverage on Beck's 9.12 Project, visit The Stafford Voice.

Please note: We are not officially linked to the Glenn Beck show nor are we endorsed by him or any of his affiliates. Here is the official link so you can check on their status, The 9.12 Project. (Update:The 9.12 Project website has been intermittent through out the day due to the website being updated, I believe. If you do not successfully get redirected there, try again later. Thank you.)

: Video of the first six minutes of Glenn's show. Fairly ambitious undertaking, yet remaining simple and insightful, probably because its true.



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