Democratic Operatives Generate Public Enemy #1

Just released yesterday, from the Politico, was a story on how Democratic operatives and the White House needed an enemy so they created one. Since everyone elses' sched was all booked up, enter Rush Limbaugh.

With a constantly tanking DOW, further housing market erosion, rising unemployment, major states on the brink of economic collapse, outrageous government spending, etc. why such an infantile distraction like a war between Obama and Limbaugh? Well look at the state of affairs in the country or a recent poll on peoples' feelings about the direction of the country and maybe you can figure it out.

This little political feint was shaped by Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville. Back in December, after adding Limbaugh's name to an October poll, they found he was "deeply" unpopular with many Americans, especially those of younger ilk.

With Palin back in Alaska, Gingrich hiding out in underground DC and plotting a GOP return, and the remnants of the GOP Congressional caucus in tatters, Rush was the obvious boogeyman du jour and a willing participant in their reindeer games. And with a media that is more than willing to capitulate to gain WH favor, I'm sure it seems like a good gamble.

We have seen the Democratic proliferation of memes before against former President George Bush. The one difference between Bush and Limbaugh is the former President chose not to bite back, rather deciding on trying to keep the office dignified. Well, we know how that worked out.

In its initial stages Operation Rushbo, as Carville calls it, might look like a surprising success which is only natural. However, as the economy further deteriorates and domestic problems start to worsen there is a far greater possibility of this strengthening Limbaugh's message. Which means this could turn against the White House.

Americans, by nature, love the underdog who fights city hall. This is exactly the role the Democrats are manufacturing for Limbaugh and one which he is embracing. The tone of his message has been changing as he adapts to the attacks. He is cunningly firing back with a certain degree of optimism and talk about a renewal of the American dream for everyone. A prime example was his speech at the CPAC.

If Rush fine tunes his speak enough towards the positive and the American psyche has not gravitated towards big government this stratagem could prove fatal for the Democratic leadership.

Then there are the a questions of staying power and who is willing to go further. Limbaugh can get as outrageous as he wants without costing himself too much. His base will remain loyal and his fighting city hall will only galvanize his position with them. This new attention might even gather him a host of new listeners and spreading his message even further.

Either way, the story still eats up bandwidth and the soap opera goes on.



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