The Road Kill Report (v. 4.0)

Today's edition of the Road Kill Report is sponsored by the 18 wheeler that creamed hope. Now it's locked on the economy and your pocket book.

Mad, Mad, Money- Jim Cramer, Mad Money host, losing it on CNBC.

When did CNBC turn into the new Fox News?

(H/T to Pundit and Pundette, read them frequently and often!)


The Fourth Reich-Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clintoon, seems awash in confusion. He offers commentary in his Salon editorial about populist economic rage. Accusing the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, the Obama Administration, his mother, and the dog next door of not being able to make up their minds about who to blame for the economy.

His only moment of seeming clarity is when his Bush Derangement Syndrome kicks in and he points the finger for the collapse of the universe at the former President. News to Reich, we get it about Bush, but let's not forget; Clintoon, Phil Gram, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Jimmy Carter, et al.

Mr. Intellectual Disingenuous goes on to say the stock market is tanking because Obama and the boys are "stress-testing" banks, not the doom-and-gloom show and potentially disastrous policies they are cramming down our throats. Who's cheerleading now, Robert?


The Recessiveness of Obama-Tony Phyrillas, of Red County, makes the case why the Prez. owns this recession.

To the point, an economic stimulus package should be directed at stimulating jobs, when did earmarks, a second rate industry like green jobs (An industry which requires government subsidies to stay afloat.), health care, or other entitlement programs become part stimulating manufacturing?

Obie is riding the wave and hoping a few, not so catchy, phrases like, health care reform is key to economic recovery, green jobs are key to economic recovery, spending your money uselessly is the key to economic recovery will support his case. How's about direct stimulation of the manufacturing sector and helping folks save a little money are the key to economic recovery?

Mr Obama, you wanted your legislation "NOW!" Well guess what, people want results, "NOW!"

Remember, it got hope and now it's looking for your wallet. Be on the look out.



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