Shameless Obedience to Stacy McCain's Rule #2

You want shameless obedience to rule # 2, McCain? You got it, pal!

Speedo Tea Parties? (A15 Minus 16)

Stacy expresses his love of speedos and tea parties. Something you want to tell us there, McCain?

The Death of the Nude Eel

McCain's co-writer, or lackey (We still haven't figured it out yet.), Smitty, gives the new found conservative suck up props to Angel Merkel, Chancellor of the Fatherland, and Daniel Hannan, MEP, for stickin' it to the Man.

I thought American Righties were supposed to "fart in the general direction" of Euro-Trash?


Skipped Smitty's next post because Rule #5 was in full blaze underneath it! Sorry Smitty, even though I wasn't around for a young Ann Margaret, she is far more..ahem...aesthetically pleasing than Peter and Gordon.

'There are chicks just right for some kissin' . . .'

I'm with our friend and commenter on Mr. McCain's blog, Pundette, I have both a girl crush and a guy crush on the young Ms. Margaret. Classical sexiness...mmm...Ann Margaret.


No one on the net is a bigger bunch of suck ups than us McCain!! So, don't forget it.

In all seriousness, this was done tongue and cheek. Stacy's blog is pretty damn funny, witty, and a highly recommended read. Him and Smitty have singlehandedly made bloggin' fun again.



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