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One of the main problems with the conservative and Republican movements is the lack of emboldenment it has succumbed to. The left has taken the political high ground from victories in government, media, and entertainment. This has created a situation those on the right view as unassailable. This very error in judgment is one of the worst strategic mistakes the right could ever commit.

Andrew Brietbart, wrote a piece on covering this very topic.
BigHollywood-The problem with the withdrawal approach is that it cedes the popular culture debate to the other side. We figure talk radio, a certain cable news network and some independent Internet venues will allow for us to get our ideas out to the masses. Well, those few outlets are greatly outnumbered. They are also isolated and targeted for destruction by the activist left. The sitting president (using taxpayer money) is now leading the charge.

The cultural viewpoint of conservatives the media is trying to depict is as gun carrying, flag waving, sheet wearing rednecks, whose information outlets are NASCAR and Rush. The caricature of So-Cons is almost as bad, Bible in one hand, bomb for the abortion clinic in the other, while wrapped up in the latest Amish fashions.

I look at myself and see none of that. I utterly despise the idea of a grown men going 180 mph to nowhere, at best a cafeteria Catholic (Meaning I go to church on Easter and Christmas), rarely listen to any talk radio whatsoever, and fall in between the third and fourth quintile of wage earners. However, I do love guns and I am am pretty fond of my country. In other words, I am utterly average.

This notwithstanding, American conservatives have to realize that media outlets and the government are boxing in dissident voices. Not through internment camps or secret police, these are the delusions of the paranoid. They are using age old tactics that prove to be far more effective, character assassination and painting the opposition as delusional. Remember what they did to a President.

When I started this venture into blogging the sole purpose was to point government malfeasance, corruption, and abuse of the American people, regardless of the perpetrator's party affiliation. Naively, I somewhat expected to find some like minded allies on the left and right who shared my concerns. I understood we would have differing viewpoints on how to arrive at a solution, but thoughtful discourse was the only agenda.

To my utter chagrin, I did not realize the depths to which the radicalized activist group think had sunk. Then I got my wake up call, wrapped in the guise of "democracy in action." It's been a war against populist bullshit ever since.

Right now I embrace the fact, whether it is true or not, that I am in the minority. This to me represents that I am part of a small group of people who detest the ignorance of the ill-informed. People who chose not to follow the Jones cult straight into Hades, but rather stop, engage in some healthy skepticism, and think.

Americans now are full of lazy contempt. Doing nothing but bitching while their futures are sold to the highest bidder and a ten dollar a week tax cut is their reward. If you haven't come to the conclusion that the government is going to continue to rob you blind, then you are as bad as the programmed twits who occupy the majority of the left. Expecting anything different is utter insanity.

The time for thoughtful engagement is over, it has been for quite sometime. George Patton once said, "Untutored courage is useless in the face of educated bullets." Get educated and engaged, then take their territory from them, one far-leftist snake pit after another.

This is the best lesson I can impart to the readers of this blog, all two of them. Thanks, Mom and Dad! :)

On a final note, believe it or not there are intelligent and wise progressives who don't mind one damn bit if you disagree with them. They are even willing to discuss differences and find a consensus. Now that's change I can believe in.

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