Obama proposes having Veterans' private insurance paying for war and service related injuries.

While the degenerates in the White House are parading around with false outrage over the AIG bonuses and whipping up the masses into a bullshit populist fervor, they are committing one of the most vile acts of turpitude against our veterans.

President Obama's proposal is pretty simple, to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs for the treatment of troops injured in service.

On Monday, leaders of 11 veteran's groups met with Obama, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, and Office of Management and Budget defense spending chief Steven Kosiak where they were told to come up with another plan if they didn't like this one.

Craig Roberts, media relations manager for the American Legion, said "The president's avowed purpose in doing this is to, quote, 'make the insurance companies pay their fair share,'" "It's not the Blue Cross that puts soldiers in harm's way, it's the federal government." Veterans had to endure similar swill under former President Bush.

Maybe our morally crooked leaders need to be reminded of the Veteran's Administration motto, "To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan."

Of course, this passing Congress is a zero sum scenario, even rampant liberals like Senator Patty Murray of Washington State, and a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, are distancing themselves from this legislation. “Dead on arrival” was her description of Obama's proposal.

Moreover, the real iniquity here is that something as repugnant as this was even propositioned. Obviously, the "President" is using the plight of our wounded veterans as a political tool for maneuvering his contemptible agenda against businesses such as insurance companies. In this scenario, there is no "fair share" for private insurance providers to bear, their involvement isn't even debatable to a respectable and sincere mind.

Little reminder of Obie's original promises to Vets, ironically bearing the slogan "A Sacred Trust — Support Our Veterans." (H/T to Hot Air for the vid.)

Support the worthwhile efforts of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars against this potential travesty. Sound off for our vets, it's the least we can do.



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