The Road Kill Report (v. 8.0): Polls, polls, and more polls.

We will delve into the dreary world of polls in the hopes that we can further understand how they make the world go round.

55% of Americans Are Populist, 7% Support the Political Class

Rasmussen Retorts, has enlightened us that the majority of Americans, regardless of plurality are part of Populist class. Being the part of civilization that knows their way around a pitchfork and a torch. While the other part identify with the Political class. The one's who sneer down their long noses at the Populists, except when the Populists are coming for them with pitch forks and torches in hand. Then their demographic takes a sharp turn into what we call the Panicky Class. Usually resulting in them stepping over women and children to save their worthless hides.


Political Class Gives Geithner Good Reviews, Most Americans Disagree

Rasmussen Retorts has provided data on the first potential victim of the Populist class. It is poor ole Timmy Geithner. Fifty-three percent of the Populists are calling for his head, figuratively. However, Tim can bank on some protection from his Political class allies since 66% of them think he is doing just peachy keen. Of course the only way the Pols will protect Geithner is if he can run fast enough to get them in between him and the Populists. Can you say, "Political dead man walking?"


Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

If I had a crystal ball I think I would be seeing toilet bowls in the Prez's future. Need I say more?



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