The Road Kill Report (v. 6.0): Obama's 50 day failures

Dead smelly animals aren't the only thing on the side of the highway today, Obama's popularity is joining them.

The Establishment and Buyer's Remorse-Howard Fineman of Newsweek, recently published an article about the Prez and surfing. Fineman shows no love for the Central Planner-and-Chief by pointing out the he is swimming or sinking, depending on your point of view, in the middle of all of this chaos. The establishment thinks the CP-n-C is either to polite, over his head, or a socialist. Four words for the new Prez, "Welcome to Bush's world."


Reform Lite-In order to keep some of his Beltway political capital, the President has decided to side with the big spenders on the Hill with regards to the earmaks. Remaining in their good graces seems to indicate Obie is more worried about their opinions and needs than that of the American people.


The Obama Presidency: Carnies and Beltway Rubes
- Camille Paige breaking it down on how the Obie posse and flunkies are swiftly sinking the USS Obamination with the quickness of an ice berg.



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