Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh spoke at the CPAC yesterday and interestingly enough the speech was carried by Fox News, CSPAN, and CNN as well. Is Rush Limbaugh, as Rahm Emmanuel points out, the intellectual force behind the GOP?

Here is the first 10 minutes from his CPAC speech.

Limbaugh is an interesting character, often accused of being narcissistic, arrogant, and pompous by his his detractors and straightforward, on-target, and brutally honest by his supporters. Rush's delivery may be polarizing, but not his message.

He has recently been espousing the exceptional nature of the conservative movement and America herself. These questions might make some wonder, "Where has that American movement gone?" Did it ever really exist?

For media purposes though, his polarization is probably one of his greatest assets and audience draws. It makes people curious about Limbaugh and they listen, sometimes even becoming avid fans.

Recently, as most know, he has even drawn scrutiny and criticism from the White House. A very historic event in my mind. I cannot remember, in my lifetime, a private citizen or media personality being called to the mat by the President of the United States. This is actually testimony to the power that Limbaugh wields.

However, his strengths aren't just his charismatic two-fistedness or his supposedly polarizing ideals. Limbaugh is relentless in his commitment to what he believes in. In today's world, especially where politics are concerned, this is a rare attribute. One which, I personally feel, is the key to his unmitigated popularity and a lesson for pols of all stripes. One they could learn, if they could get over their partisan hackery.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't call Limbaugh the leader of the conservative intellectual movement. There are several such as; Victor Davis Hanson, Thomas Sowell, and Charles Krauthammer, who fill this role but do not have his prominence on the media scene. Rush has become conservatism's greatest vocal advocate. Saying what a lot of people feel, but don't have the podium or forum from which to do so.

So, whether or not you like Rush, feel he is blithering hate-monger, or a guy who just calls it like he sees it. The obvious fact is, Rush ain't going anywhere anytime soon.


pundette said...

I'm a huge fan of Rush, often *in spite of* his style. Most of his blustering is tongue in cheek and I ignore it. What I like about him is, yes, his rock-solid conservatism, his nerve (he'll call it as he sees it), and his strong intellect. He's not just a cheerleader. He knows his enemy well, is very articulate, and educates his listeners. You could make a case for him being the leader of conservatism because of the size of his audience and their respect for him.

Critical Thinker said...

Don't get me wrong Pundette, I do believe Limbaugh is very articulate, passionate, and a fairly intellectual man. I listen on occasion as well, it's hard not too.

I just think hoisting the flag of his leadership for the conservative movement is a mistake. I am all for him being considered a political advocate or voice, but until he considers a run for public office, I refuse to think of him as the leader of conservatism.

He is a media figure and it is a sad day in hell when we have to counteract President Idol with and idol of our own. A truly intellectual movement would have digressed.

As always, Pundette, it's a pleasure to read your thoughts on matters. Thanks for stopping by.

OmegaPundit said...

Rush is awesome, but he ain't got nuthin' on the Road Kill Report.


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